wdalati Mon, 01/21/2002 - 07:17
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Well 2 cases can happen:

1- if you don't have a layer 3 switch on the inside network, then the firewall should be your default gateway.

2- If you do have a layer 3 switch, you will have a fixed ip per subnet on the switch (defined manually), and then you will do a static route to the IP of the PIX. Therefore the gateway, will be that IP on the layer 3 switch not the PIX one.

Hope that it can work with you.


ajd Mon, 01/21/2002 - 07:33
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It would be if this was your topology:

Inside (LAN)


+ Firewall


+ Router



Hope this helps, try to make yourself a topology diagram (with Visio) to better help you understand the 'flow' of the network.


ddevecka Mon, 01/21/2002 - 08:21
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Inside (LAN) Inside (LAN) Remote site

| |

\ /

\ Router

\ /






This is similar to my network, but we use the second router as the default gateway. Should I still use the firewall as the default gatway?

wdalati Mon, 01/21/2002 - 13:21
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Can you provide with your config of the devices, u can fake ur IPs if your don't want to show your real ones. In this way we could help you better.

Also what are the components you are using, Router model (is the inside a router or layer 3 switch) and Firewall model too.

hope to help you reach your goal

ddevecka Mon, 01/21/2002 - 14:32
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I was told a a firewall cannot redirect / route traffic. Is this the case? I am using the route command.

I ran into a simular problem. All my devices where pointed to the FW and used static routes. However, I needed to re-route a subnet back through the same interface and discovered the PIX can't do this. Only routers will do the trick. We got arround this by adding specific route commands to the few servers that's effected. Hope this helps.



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