dgoodwin Tue, 02/19/2002 - 21:30
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No, not easily. However, if you install BAT (Bulk Administration Tool) on CallManager, it includes an Excel template file that you can use to bulk import people into CallManager -- such as phones, users, etc.

So if you just want to import user records (not phones) into the CallManager directory, then you can open your csv file in Excel, and then do some manual copying-and-pasting into the appropriate fields in the "Users" worksheet of the BAT.xlt template.

mimckee Wed, 02/20/2002 - 06:12
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Dave brings up a good point but you do have another option. Not sure if you want to go down the road or not, or where you are in your deployment. If you are using active directory for unity. You can use the active directory plugin for cisco callmanager. Then you will just be pointing at your active directory server for callmanager authentication. You would not have to add anything into the embedded directory. Like I said I am not sure you want to go down this road or not. If you have any applications used with callmanager that require authentication now you will have to make sure you handle these correctly if you do decide to move to AD integration with CCM.

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jraarons Wed, 02/20/2002 - 06:41
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Being able to hide users (CEOs, Law Enforcement) in the corporate directory would be helpful. Or to Partition sales from law enforcement.

I wonder if I can pull up John Chambers phone number from the Windows AD in the local Cisoc office...


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