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Can we get security with cisco AP and any other vendor card

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hi all,

is there is any one who knows about the security issue if u have the cisco 350 AP andother vendors PC cards, i mean to say what kind of security that we can achive from this mix setup.will this setup provide the EAP, MIC, KEY ROTATION or DYNAMIC KEY assignments.

please put some light on this issue.

i'll be very thankfull to u.


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tsdkl Mon, 03/18/2002 - 11:57
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Hi Sameer,

As far as I know, MIC and WEP key hashing only work with Aironet client cards with the latest drivers and firmware. Broadcast key rotation will work other client cards. If you want to use LEAP, then you will have to use Aironet client cards. I do not know if EAP will work MIC, WEP key hashing or not.



yaa it is true but the problemis one of our company client wants to use cheap wireless card with cisco AP and also want to have a security on wireless, as they have the cisco ACS server so they want the authentication through ACS that is EAP.So the problem is to find out weather can we setup EAP by using som other company wireless cards.


shaun.oliver Tue, 03/19/2002 - 15:10
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The Cisco cards will be the only ones that support LEAP, as it is a proprietry Cisco protocol.

As EAP is now a standard, there are other "method layer" 802.1X options - WinXP supports EAP-TLS.

If the card driver supports EAP, you should be able to set it up.

With all the additional hassle, it's probably easier & more secure to use the Cisco client cards - the drivers are updated regularly, and the ACU software is pretty good.

rberke Wed, 03/20/2002 - 08:14
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Has anyone been successful with MIC and TKIP even with their Cisco 340/4800 cards and either an access point 340 or 350? I have a 340, and I'm running current code: 11.10T1, and I've got the required PC card sw: 4.25.23, and NDIS driver 8.01.06, and ACU 5.01.001. If I turn on either of MIC or TKIP on the access point, then the PC can no longer function for IP even though it shows to be still associated with the AP. I have a TAC case open, but I'm curious if users out there have been successful. Maybe I have a quirky bad set of cards?

I've also tried a Lucent/Avaya/Agere/Wavelan/Orinoco gold card with their latest code. It doesn't work with Cisco AP even without MIC or TKIP running! The older code worked okay without them. Conversely, a Cisco card with latest code doesn't work with the Lucent.. AP running older code. What a mess. Everyone has to get up to latest code? no backward compatibility? Seems to me it should be optional whether to use the newest features.

Richard Berke


please check for the following requirements for the MIC, but i am unable to get the meaning of (TKIP ).

Note: You must set up and enable WEP with full encryption before MIC takes effect.

Note: To use MIC, the Use Aironet Extensions setting on the AP Radio Advanced page must be set to yes (the default setting).


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