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Programming pauses in a speed dial

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mimckee Wed, 04/10/2002 - 05:35
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I do not know of a way to do this in callmanager at this time. What is your gateway? If you have h.323 maybe you can do something on the dial-peers.

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I have no doubt that you have been in PBXs for 20 years. But unless you really flew into AVVID with your eyes shut i doubt seriously that you thought *Cisco* had been in PBXs for 20 years. Are some of the missing features fairly obvious? Yes, especially to those who have used them for 20 years - some of the CM programmers are only just over 20 years old John! Cut them some slack - I'm sure Cisco is doing everything they can to surround those people with folks that have actually been around as long as you have - it will make a difference :-).

Are these feature absences enough to outweigh the huge benefits? Not in my experience. I'm not saying you shouldn't complain - just remember that for every engineer Cisco assigns to fix the smaller missing features, however useful they may be - there is one less to work on the issues that need to be hammered out more quickly (IMHO) such as integration and interoperability issues that actually make a large buying decision for those of us who can't throw our PBX's out the door. Again - if you have a client on your back about the dial string issue - I'm not saying you're wrong to be upset at it's ommision - I'm just saying it's a stretch to call CM on the whole "embarassing".

If you had had the short time period that Cisco has had to basically completely develop a PBX from scratch and then have people say that it's embarassing because even though it 99% emulates a $1,000,000 PBX it can't insert a pause in a speed dial - that would be a little discouraging wouldn't you say? Let's congratulate cisco where it is due - and absolutely pressure them where necessary - including on this issue - but calling the CM prduct embarassing is not only untrue in nearly every sense of the word, but also pretty much 100%unproductive.

Since we've implemeneted AVVID we've seen a trickle of the features we missed from our PBX come onboard - that's about the right pace for me unless they have folks around there twiddling their thumbs... The day I stop seeing 2 or three little PBX features come on board for every one or two massive functionality fixes or improvements, then i'll worry they've dropped their PBX-catchup efforts - I see no evidence of that...

Just my $0.02 - not intending it to be flamebait :-)

- Ken


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