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help me please problem connect and disconnect suddently

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May 7th, 2002
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I've both router 3640 and 5300

I try to use ios 12.0(7)KX ,12.1(2)T 12.2(2)T

and portware, and 2.9.10

Problem still had. My customer can't connect many time but some time can connect and modem-callrecord you can see below.

May 8 13:11:59.296: %CALLRECORD-3-MICA_TERSE_CALL_FAILED_REC:DS0 slot/contr/chan=0/0/3, slot/port=1/48, call_id=9D2, calling=77377441, called=0772, time=44, finl-state=Train Up, disc(modem)=7F06 Condition occurred during call setup/Requested by host/network indicated disconnect

And this below I don't know why router can't detect username to connect.Why? after this modem disconnect

.May 8 13:12:23.296: %CALLRECORD-3-MICA_TERSE_CALL_REC: DS0 slot/contr/chan=0/1/9, slot/port=1/23, call_id=9D3, userid=(n/a), ip=, calling=77230030, called=0772, std=V.90, prot=LAP-M, comp=V.42bis both, init-rx/tx b-rate=24000/32000, finl-rx/tx b-rate=26400/29333, rbs=0, d-pad=None, retr=3, sq=4, snr=26, rx/tx chars=108/489, p/w info=20, rx/tx ec=5/26, bad=477, time=45, finl-state=Steady, disc(radius)=Lost Carrier/Lost Carrier, disc(modem)=DF03 Tx (host to line) data flushing - OK/Requested by host/DTR dropped

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mljohnson Wed, 05/08/2002 - 07:45
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First off, the recommended code for the 5300 is either 12.1(12) or 12.2(7b); these versions should be fine on the 3640, too. Both versions include modem code.

The callrecord disconnect reason (7F06) indicates the call disconnect was initiated by the network; ie, likely the remote end, during train up. You may want to ensure the configuration of the remote end modem, and ensure that it has recent firmware running.


The second callrecord may indicate network problems as well; note that it is a V.90 connection, yet the finl-rx/tx b-rate=26400/29333 is low for V.90. This may indicate an impaired link; you can check the controller stats to look for any issues, and you may want to try some loopback tests, or calling the 5300 from itself to see if you can get a solid connection. SQ of 4 is OK, SNR of 26 is low. The connection was likely dropped by the cisco due to a failure in PPP negotiation or authentication, which again could be due to line issues. You may want to have the telco check the quality of the line, too.

zahmed Wed, 05/08/2002 - 22:25
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You should most likely stay only with 12.1(latest) mainline or 12.2(latest) mainline with pw 2730

along with the recommended modemcap for pw 2730 defined at the following URL :


If its still no good, you ll probably have to troubleshoot at the signalling layer.



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