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Problem with cisco AP340

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May 15th, 2002
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Does the AP have the ability to assign IP addresses to WLAN devices which roamed into the area? I didn't want to give my WLAN device a static IP, but it wasn't able to get one dynamically via DHCP as well. Can someone advise?


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bmcmurdo Wed, 05/15/2002 - 21:20
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  • Cisco Employee,

The AP does not assign IP addresses to client devices. IP address assignment is normally done by BootP/DHCP or via static IP addresses on the client.

BOOTP frames are not interpreted by the AP and should pass straight through.

What security are you using? Could your security be misconfigured? It is possible for a client with an incorrect WEP key to associate with an AP - but frames it sends to the AP will be dropped though.

I suggest you remove any encryption options that may be configured and see if you can get the DHCP to complete.

If you are roaming from one subnet to another you may need to release/renew your IP address (win2k normally does this automatically), or you can use a mobile IP client stack and network implementation to enable usage of the original IP address in the new subnet.

mazmunk Sun, 05/19/2002 - 22:39
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Since the AP does not assign IP addresses, then how can my DHCP server achieve that? I tried but I couldn't assign any IP addresses to my WLAN devices.

I saw the BOOTP on the webpage of my access point..it is stated as Am I suppossed to changed this? How can I access it?

I have disabled all security, but my mobile devices are not able to get an IP dynamically via DHCP

Please advise further.


drynkowski Mon, 05/20/2002 - 04:43
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Your AP is simply a Bridge. DHCP doesn't need to be set on the AP unless you want the AP to get it's address there. DCHP will work identically to a wired workstation on your network.

blue.modal Mon, 05/20/2002 - 07:55
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If you can, it is always best to create a separate IP subnet for your APs and wireless clients.

This will allow you to treat the WLAN as a trusted, untrusted or semi-trusted network and apply appropriate policies at the firewall, proxy, QoS server, etc.

If you do this, it is a simple matter to add the DHCP server function to one of the devices serving that subnet.

Matthew Wheeler

Blue Modal

mazmunk Mon, 05/20/2002 - 08:08
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Ok...from all the replies...am I right to say this:

1) The DHCP part only comes into the picture if I want to assign the AP with an IP address dynamically. It is not a DHCP server which assigns my WLAN devices an IP address.

2) The AP simply allows a connection between WLAN devices and the wired network given the correct security settings, thus it is only a bridge and does nothing else.

If the above are true, then why is it that having linked my DHCP server with the AP, an incoming WLAN device can't receive an assigned IP address by the server? It has this defaulted IP of always...I'm not sure if it's the AP that has caused this.


dstuben Wed, 05/22/2002 - 12:20
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Actually the AP is more like a hub/repeater not a bridge from the sound of your scenerio. You are correct the AP is NOT a DHCP server. Make sure that your AP is on the same subnet as your DHCP server, if its not, you will need to add a helper address in your router to forward DHCP requests to the DHCP server. You say you have your DHCP server "linked" to your AP, what do you mean by that? Out of the box brand new, an AP will get its own IP address from a properly configured DHCP server and allow wireless clients to get an address also. Hope this helps you out.


mazmunk Sun, 05/26/2002 - 08:24
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I wired my AP to my server via a cross cable. I've set my AP with a static address of the same subnet with my server...but when I roamed in a WLAN mobile handheld, the handheld says error in obtaining a dynamic IP via DHCP server. I don't know where the problem lies in...I've checked the way I set my DHCP manager configurations. I'm not sure if the problem lies in the AP...


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