Too many stations in the BSS, Installation Key AP340

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May 17th, 2002
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Good day all,

Please could you help me out. Sorry if this is a common thread. I looked but could not find any related to this topic.

I have 2 AP 340's (AIR- AP342E2C), (Access Points).

I just installed 2000 on a new laptop. Installed the latest drivers on the laptop i.e. ACU and wireless network card drivers. So the laptop is fine.

The one AP (1)has relatively old firmware and it - works just fine- with the upgraded laptop.

The other AP (2) had all its firmware deleted. EVERYTHING. If I pull the firmware files from AP(1) and push them onto AP(2), AP(2) will work. However we need the new security offered by the new firmware.

As soon as I upgrade the AP(2) (too scared to upgrade AP(1)) It then fails to authenticate with the laptop. It gives the message "too many stations in the BSS". So Apparently this is because I lost the installation Key firmware file on the AP(2). WHY THEN - does the AP(1) still work - I cannot see an installation key on that AP.

--> But my main question is - How do I get the installation key back on my upgraded Acess Point AP(2). Is there some utility to do this.

Secondary question is: is the new firmware secure. We have a lot of valuable game data we do not wish to be unsecure.

--> Repeat - How do I get the installation key back on my upgraded Acess Point AP(2). Is there some utility to do this.

Kind regards

Andrew Moir

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tim.medley Fri, 05/17/2002 - 05:35
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As I've just recently found out, once the INstallation key is removed/deleted/lost from the AP, the AP is hosed and needs to be rma'd to have the installation key put back on. There is no way for someone in the field to reinstall the installation key.

Tim Medley, CCNP+Voice, CCDP, CWNA

Sr. Network Architect

VoIP Group


andrewmoir Fri, 05/17/2002 - 05:44
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Thank you so much Tim, I have been searching for an answer for days.

May I ask what RMA'D is (Returned? Remanded?)

For anyone else out there: Why does my first AP still authenticate even though looking in its firmware I cannot see the Installation Key? And why when I copy the old firmware from the Authenticating AP to the broken one does the broken one now function? (Albeit with the old unsecure firmware).


blue.modal Fri, 05/17/2002 - 06:54
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I have had varied results. I was very happy when I got an AP with no Install Key to accept the firmware off another unit - and it ran for awhile, but then reverted to insisting that it was a Site Survey client.

I have heard that Cisco used to allow integrators in the field to create keys, but pulled back the software to do so.

If you want to try another experiment, you may be able to set the AP to always check for new firmware on boot and force it to adopt an image that works until it loses power. Just a thought.

Matthew Wheeler

Blue Modal

bmcmurdo Fri, 05/17/2002 - 07:18
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  • Cisco Employee,

I recommend you open a TAC case with Cisco. I think you will have to RMA the unit - TAC should know if this is the case.


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