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our campus can support how many vode users with catalyst6006 core switch

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in our campus, we use catalyst 6006 as core switch.

there are four 1000BaseLX and two 1000BaseSX from catalyst6006 to our six main buildings.

and we have a vod server with 4 cahnnel Ultra 160 SCSI RAID(Adaptec SCSI RAID 5400S) which connect to catalyst 6006 with Gbits NIC.

the video streaming bit rate is 100kbps per request user.

consider TCP/IP protocol overhead, netwok collision,..etc.

our campus can support how many vode users??

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rfroom Fri, 06/14/2002 - 09:36
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  • Cisco Employee,

The 6000 supports 32 GBPS across the bus. As long as you are not hitting that limitation you can easily support a large number of users. The limitation will actually be the 4 channel SCSI server.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the 4 channel SCSI server is connected to the 6006 with one Gbps NIC. Thus, the bandwidth limitation of the vod system is 1 Gbps(4 channel SCSI can support 4 X 320Mbytes/sec). Then the vod system can 1 Gbps/100kbps = 1000 vod users simultaneously. But it is impossible, the calculation does not take the tcp/ip protocol overhead, network collision,..... into account. Then, how many vod users can be supported in my system ? Give me more suggestions!

rfroom Wed, 06/19/2002 - 04:33
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  • Cisco Employee,

Is the video stream multicast and played live or does each user access the video at different timeslots. In other words, our users accessing the video stream like a stock ticker - live TV or are they accessing it like a training video.

The switch is definitely able to handle 1000 users, but that does not take into accoutn the Vod System llimit of 1 Gbps w/o tcp/ip overhead.


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