AS5300 G.723.1 support

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mimckee Thu, 06/20/2002 - 09:48
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I am pretty sure the as5300 supports the g.723 codec. Not just limited to the as5300 platform the g.723 codec does not provide the best voice quality. If you use g.729 it is on 3k more and it sounds heads and tails better to me.

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yraps Fri, 06/21/2002 - 08:09
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AS5300 support fully 2 variant of G.723.

You must pay attention for that, each one of the codecs sample rate is bit different and of course the outcome is the bandwidth been consumed versus the quality.

* g723ar53 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 5300 bps

* g723ar63 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 6300 bps

* g723r53 G.723.1 5300 bps

* g723r63 G.723.1 6300 bps


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