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I just set up IP accounting on my 2601 for one interface (Ethernet)

Using the cipaf accounting fetcher to gather the accounting data and to summarize in some html pages. Works really nice.

Checkpoint table is read via SNMP, ip accounting table is cleared after each collecting (perl-script every 3 minutes via cron).

The only thing I don't understand is the way packets are collected:

- Should I enable both interfaces (Ethernet and WAN) to gather all traffic through the router

- is the Ethernet interface sufficient for collecting all traffic (does ip accounting only collect outgoing data)

I'm looking for all traffic collected and summarized going through my router, e.g. incoming _and_ outgoing data.

thx for any advice....


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umarzoli Tue, 06/25/2002 - 03:55
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the ip accounting collects only the outgoing data on an interface. If you want to see

all the traffic going through the router you have to set up it on both, LAN and WAN, interfaces.

Note: The traffic which begins or terminates on the router didn't show up at all.

regards Ulrich



thx for your answer, I just found out (running ntop) same thing, now my (the cipaf) perl-script is gathering all the data from both i/f (lan and wan). The output is strange. Do you know any smoother way to collect the accounting data? (I just want to know the traffic of each machine in one subnet).



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