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Using Distribute-Lists in EIGRP

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Jul 9th, 2002
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I use plan to use EIGRP with Incoming/Outgoing-Distribute-Lists on specific LAN/WAN Interfaces to filter incoming and outgóing routes, because i don't want to learn all (> 1000) ClassB/ClassC routes from my neighbours and/or tell them all my routes. This is for "decreasing" routing-tables in my network.

Well, it works fine as long as i put in one more permit-statement in my named access-list i.e. for incoming routes. When i do this, a few seconds later i loos neighbourship to my neighbor EIGRP router an after 10 seconds all routes (in addition with my "new" one) return back to my route process!

Now my question is, if there is any way to "switch that off", because every time sessions are dropping

hope you'll got an answer...


frank masson

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guy-whitehouse Tue, 07/09/2002 - 01:52
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Could this be that when you apply the access-lists on the interfaces you are not allowing multicasts/unicasts for the directly attached interfaces ip addresses through anymore ?

Which means eigrp will lose its neighbor relationship

fmasson Fri, 07/12/2002 - 00:23
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Sorry, no.

The Distribute-List(s) looks as follows (i.e.):

interface ethernet0/1/3

ip address

router eigrp 47

passive-interface default

no passive-interface Ethernet0/1/3


distribute-list router3.out out Ethernet0/1/3

distribute-list router3.in in Ethernet0/1/3

no auto-summary

no eigrp log-neighbor-changes

ip access-list standard router3.in


ip access-list standard router3.out


...if you mean, that has to be in one of the distribute-lists(?) you cound be right?


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