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H.323 disconnect cause i = 0x82E5 - Resources unavailiable, unspecified

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Jul 15th, 2002
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Callmanager ver is 3.1(2c),gateways VG200 are running H.323 protocol to connect PSTN. We had an IP phone with Call Waiting on along with CFNA redirected to a mobile phone. Incoming call from the PSTN hit the IP Phone and was not redirected successfully back out to the mobile.

Caller hear ringback tone and then fast busy.

Debug isdn q931find out disconnect cause i=0x80E5 - resources unavailiable .But internal ip phone can be redirected successfully without error.

Anyone know what cause this issue. Thanks in advance.


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The disconnect cause-code is indicating a D-channel failure. My guess is that you don't have "Redirecting Number IE Delivery—Outbound" or "Redirecting Number IE Delivery—Inbound" checked under the Gateway config options in CallManager. When the call get's forwarded to the Mobile number, the call that is placed back out the PRI doesn't indicate in the call setup message who is placing the call(I think it should be the DN of the phone forwarding the call).

lwai Thu, 07/18/2002 - 00:46
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Thanks, the box "Display IE Delivery" is not checked now, you means I need check this box, Is that correct? By default, this box is disabled.

If it is checked, It enables delivery of the display information element (IE) is SETUP and CONNECT messages for the calling and called party name delivery services.


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