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Bandwidth limit and switch /router

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At our office we have a 512 k connection to the internet. However when 6 or 7 people open up 128k streams to a streaming music site our connection gets saturated. Is there a way to limit peoples out bound bandwith settings per port. For instance not letting someone eat up more then 80 k of data going out port 80 but at same time having full bandwidth to internal servers. Or another example would be to let all incoming Citrix traffic take priority over people listinging to music.



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grunky Sun, 08/18/2002 - 17:41
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You can look into various types of QoS solutions on the router. Committed access rate(car) and general traffic shapping(gts) is what your after...

You might want whip up some extended access-lists based upon port/protocol. Sounds like internal bandwidth is no problem, just put them on the router interface connected to the wan. Think port 554 is a real audio port....

CAR puts a limit on bandwidth - after so much bandwidth is consumed the router starts dropping packets. Thats when udp audio/video streams start cutting out or tcp based connections start retransmitting packets. Its a absolute limit and CAR doesn't require to much in the way of router resources.

GTS is a bit "nicer" because it doesn't abruptly drop packets like CAR can. The router starts to buffer traffic once the threashold is reached. It buffers packets until the traffic burst subsides and then routes them accordingly. Very forgiving unlike CAR. GTS does make the router work a bit more, requiring memory to buffers the packets and cpu time. However w/ only a 512k connection you shouldn't worry to much.

Good luck.




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