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7935 stuck on Configuring IP address

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Aug 14th, 2002
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I have two 7935 phones that quit working. They are stuck on Configuring IP address. I have tried restarted them, checked the network connections, but nothing seems to work. I cannot get into the setup to see if the network configuration changed either.

Both of these phones were replaced with new 7935's but they are both still having the same problem. The MAC address is set up correctly in the Call Manager (3.1)

Any help is appreciated!



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s-cortes Wed, 08/14/2002 - 21:02
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Checked if the IP address you set on the 7935 still correct. You can test the connectivity between 7935 and CCM using the ping utility in that phone. If your 7935 is new and you want to define static IP address on the phone, let your 7935 register first to a dhcp server and after that you can define static IP address. From there you can ping the CCM. If the connection is okay, the phone will register to the CCM.

Hope this will help.



mary.steiner Thu, 08/15/2002 - 11:34
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The 7935 is getting the ip address from the dhcp server.The 7935 does not register with the call manager so I am unable to get into any of the settings on the phone.


s-cortes Thu, 08/15/2002 - 17:02
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You can press the settings button and press admin soft key button. This will ask for a password. Type **# and from there you can configure the static IP address for the 7935 IP phone. There is a ping utility where you can checked the connectivity between your 7935 phone and the CCM.

The other guy is also correct. Try configuring an alternate fttp if you are using the DHCP and put the IP address of the CCM. If you are using static, just configure the IP address of the CCM under the tftp server.

Hope this will help you.



Are you using two seperate VLANs? Since the 7935 is a non powered phone it will be automaticly assigned to the data/non powered VLAN. When this happenes it will not be able to find the TFTP server. You will need access to the network settings and change alternate TFTP to "yes" and then put in the IP address of your TFTP server.

If you are running in a single VLAN then I would still suggest to add the TFTP servers IP address staticly.


I setup a couple of thes ephones and I had to set the vlan membership static (either form the phone, or on the switchport into the voice vlan. Once it connected once, it downloaded new code and it was fine. Something about the software on the phone, it won't recognoze the voice vlan ( no cdp i think).

dlanexang Fri, 11/08/2002 - 01:19
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I had the same problem.

This is what I did:

1) Hard set switch port to 10/full.

2) Disable aux vlan for that port

3) Have the DHCP server send the IP information to the phone w/o option 150

4) After the phone lights up and makes that "bomp" sound, you should be able to get in the admin screen.

5) then shard set the speed and duplex in the phone, as well as the TFTP server's IP. Use the alternate TFTP option in the phone, and put in the TFTP server's IP.

6) you may also want to statically configure the IP on the phone itself.

Hope this helps

6) reboot.


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