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VPN3005 Internal users account limitation

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Sep 11th, 2002
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For VPN3005 and 3015, there is a limitation for creating an internal users database. According to the spec, "100" is the upper limit for users+groups. It means that at least we have to have ONE group , so the limit to be able to create internal users are "99" . Does anyone can confirm if the logic is right or wrong? Does it able to create more than 100 users and be able to have 100 tunnels works ? Anyone verified this before ?

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engel Wed, 09/18/2002 - 16:18
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The number is in the manual, here is the link:


The following is from the manual:

The VPN Concentrator internal authentication server is adequate for a small user base. The maximum number of groups and users (combined) that you can configure in the internal server depends on your VPN Concentrator model. (See Table 14-1.) For larger numbers of users, we recommend using the internal server to configure groups (and perhaps a few users) and using a RADIUS server to authenticate the users.

Table 14-1: Maximum Number of Groups and Users for the Internal Authentication Server VPN Concentrator Model Maximum Number of Groups and Users (Combined)

3005 100

3015 100

3030 500

3060 1000

3080 1000



v.vevea Mon, 10/28/2002 - 11:14
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I just ran into the upper limit on one of the 3005's that we manage. We have 147 Users and 4 Groups created. I don't know if this will be the same for all 3005's or dependent on other configuration parameters.


e.l Tue, 10/29/2002 - 04:56
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Thanks for your info. So the limitation is not as strict as in the specification which is "100" as in your case it can be up to "151".

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