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prec-bit setting with policy-map

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Sep 19th, 2002
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my question:

i want to set the ip-prec bit with a route-map.

but it does not work - does anyone know why ???


route-map set_ip_prec permit 10

match ip address voip

set ip precedence critical


route-map set_ip_prec permit 20

match ip address premium

set ip precedence flash-override


route-map set_ip_prec permit 30

match ip address gold

set ip precedence flash


route-map set_ip_prec permit 40

match ip address silver

set ip precedence immediate


route-map set_ip_prec permit 50

set ip precedence priority


interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address

ip policy route-map set-ip-prec

load-interval 30

speed auto


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murabi Wed, 09/25/2002 - 12:52
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Look at the usage guidelines excerpt on CCO below

"Usage Guidelines

Packets that are generated by the router are not normally policy routed. However, you can use this command to policy route such packets. You might enable local policy routing if you want packets originated at the router to take a route other than the obvious shortest path.

The ip local policy route-map command identifies a route map to use for local policy routing. Each route-map command has a list of match and set commands associated with it. The match commands specify the match criteriathe conditions under which packets should be policy routed. The set commands specify the set actionsthe particular policy routing actions to perform if the criteria enforced by the match commands are met. The no ip local policy route-map command deletes the reference to the route map and disables local policy routing."

If you are expecting the packets from the router to be policy routed, then you must issue the

"ip local policy" command.

Check this URL for more details and example


thisisshanky Wed, 09/25/2002 - 20:32
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If this router is generating VOIP traffic, and you want to set precedence to critical, then, you should use the global command for policy routing ....viz....ip local policy route-map set-ip-prec. Because, the normal ip policy route-map command doesnt policy route, packets generated by the router itself.

bbranch Wed, 09/25/2002 - 23:56
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What traffic are you trying to match ?, you have defined match clauses (VOIP, Permium, Gold, Silver) but do not appear to have defined what these reference (i.e. where are the named ACL's these reference).

Also what direction is the traffic flowing, policy routing is applied on input to an interface so if your traffic is flowing out of FE0/0 then the policy map will not be applied.

lwantland Fri, 09/27/2002 - 05:15
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You need to configure an access list for each match statement. For example:

route-map set_ip_prec permit 10

match ip address voip

set ip precedence critical


ip access-list extended voip

permit ip host any

You use your named IP access lists to define what IP's get each precedence level.

rabeder Fri, 09/27/2002 - 05:22
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hi all,

i have found the mistake:

"ip policy route-map set-ip-prec "


"route-map set_ip_prec" _ versus - !!!



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