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Pushing domain name, dns and wins settings to my dial-up client

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Oct 14th, 2002
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Currently, i am using a 3620 router for my dial-up client... They are coming in from ISDN-PRI. The authentication server is using WIndows 2000 Active Directory server via the ACS(Cisco Secure 2.6).

I have configured the ACS to push down the ip address to the client. Can I know how to configure to push down the wins, dns and domain name to the client? Should i configure at the router-end or at the ACS?

Note that I am not using DHCP server for the RAS server.

For your assistance, pls.



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mljohnson Mon, 10/14/2002 - 07:41
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The easiest would be to configure at the router; you can use the commands "ppp ipcp dns/wins". If you wanted to control this at the AAA server, then you could try downloading per-user configs; otherwise, you would have to use DHCP and have IOS proxy the DHCP server.

wongks Thu, 10/17/2002 - 06:50
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Is these the two commands that i can use?

1)async-bootp dns-server

2)async-bootp nbns-server

But if i would like to push down the domain name like cisco.com... can this be done??

I am using my ACS to push down the ip address pool... is it okie??

mljohnson Thu, 10/17/2002 - 07:21
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Yes, in older code you would use the async-bootp commands. In newer code you should use the PPP commands.

There is no way to provide the domain-name via the async-bootp command, or via PPP. You would have to use DHCP to convey this info.

Controlling the IP address pool with ACS is fine.

wongks Thu, 10/17/2002 - 20:13
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what is the PPP commands?

How difficult is it to change to dhcp... is there any guide?? My RAS and ACS are "lived" now....

For your assistance, pls. Thank you.

mljohnson Fri, 10/18/2002 - 09:15
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From my first post, the ppp commands are "ppp ipcp dns/wins".

You would not be changing to DHCP; you would need to use a DHCP server that would compliment the ACS, by answering DHCP request coming from the peer who is requesting a domain-name. But the peer has to request it in order for the info to be provided.


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