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Please - what am I missing here?

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OK here is the deal,

I have the following configuration

Cisco 1721 - #1

f0 -

s0 -

Cisco 1721 - #2

f0 -

s0 -

From either ethernet network, I am able to telent into it's respective router. From there I can telnet to the second router. I can ping any o fthe interfaces from within the routers. and i can ping any ips from within the routers (for their network). However if I am on either f0 network, I am only able to ping the f0 interface. ( cannot reach all the way accross either network.)

Individualy any 3 of the 4 ports work..................


(BTW - I have even tried the default configuration files suggested by Cisco Configmaker. Same problems) S0 is a T1 circut.

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tepatel Sat, 11/02/2002 - 16:07
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  • Cisco Employee,

Pl. configure the following routes on each of the router..


ip route


ip route

mustafa.mail Sun, 11/03/2002 - 02:34
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Are you enable are routing..IF not specify the the proper static route on both end..

michael-faust Mon, 11/04/2002 - 09:47
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If I understand you correctly, you can telnet or ping from a workstation to the local ethernet interface on the router but not beyond. In order to go beyond the local ethernet interface you have to telnet to the router. If I have re-stated your problem correctly, I would say that you have a configuration issue with the workstation. For a workstation to communicate using IP on a local network all that is needed is an IP address and a mask. In order to communicate outside the local network a default gateway is needed as well. Do you have the default gateway configured on the workstations? Is it the address of the local router interface? Check these things and get back to us.


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