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Problem with DC directory replication...

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Nov 6th, 2002
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I have the following scenario:

- 2 Callmanagers in 2 different clusters(A and B - both are publishers)

- I have to maintain addressbook for phones registrated to CCM B so that hey also have addresses from phones registrated to CCM A too

My plan is to do this by replicating regurally DC directory from CCM A to CCM B (or the other way)

Question/Problem#1: Is this plan correct ? Please make any suggestions...

Problem#2: I set up the external servers for both dc directories.When I try doing the replication(following the steps from the help of the DC directory administrator since no documentation can be found on the net regarding dc directory) when I try REPLICATING OUT it tells me the error: The local servers replication details could not be read!. If I try to REPLICATE IN of course I don't have the Agreement ID for the other server since the other servers local replication details cannot be read.So how do I make some replication details for the local server? Also if I go to reelication agreements from the Server menu in the server management window, it gives me an error message: The operation failed due to a timeout! and dc directory just exits without any dr. watson's or anything.

I tried reinstalling I tried everything that could be found on the net, but I still don't have replication agrrements, nor for the local and neither for the remote server.

Any help or maybe documentation, suggestions anything would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,


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fmarotta Mon, 11/11/2002 - 09:11
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I have also tried to do the same thing. I was told by cisco that it can not be done. I find it hard to believe only because you have the options to set up replication within DC Directory. If you do get it to work let me know how.



zjanosi Tue, 11/12/2002 - 00:18
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Well that doesn't help me very much unfortunately, but I've found another way (I cannot implement it though, due to our networks infrastructure) to implement it.

Active directory is the way to go :)

1: It is very well documented.

2: I got it to work in less then 2 hours(including the installation of 2000 servers.

However, because I cannot implement it in our network, I still have to find a way(think I'm going to buy me a bigger shovel :D) to get DC directory to replicate...



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