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6006 stops switching: Supervisor or Port-Module problem

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Nov 19th, 2002
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We have a catalyst 6006 with a WS-X6K-SUP1-2GE and a WS-X6248-RJ-45. It stops working aprox. every week. Sometimes port module autoresets, sometimes customer resets the catalyst manually. Logged messages don't show much. There is no crashdump file. How can I find if it is a supervisor problem or a port module problem?

Thanks for your help

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DWA Tue, 11/19/2002 - 05:14
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Not easy to troubleshoot.

It can be software or hardware failure, power failure, ... ?:

Software ->

Have you seen if there is no bug on your IOS or CatOS Version ?

When the catalyst reboot, have you installed a logged machine to see something?

Is there a number serial which can have a bug reference ?

Hardware ->

Have you a spare equipements to replace one by one faulted equipement and to let's test :

-> The backplane

-> The Sup

-> The 48 ports

Power Failure -> check the power. (?)

Search if there is a common point that can reboot the 6006 (?)

Good luck.

sseira Tue, 11/19/2002 - 05:44
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Thank you for the answer.

I did a search for the bugs and found nothing. What do you mean by number serial which can have a bug reference?

I'll have to do the hardware troubleshooting.


DALE FRANCIS Tue, 11/19/2002 - 05:39
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If you post a the S/W versions running i am sure that will help, i did a brief bug search with not much coming up.

Is there no syslog server that you can trace past error msgs and also you will have to configure crashdump which by default is disabled, the other alternative is place a console on the switch and capture everything to a file.

As someone has already mentioned this will be a pain to troubleshoot and the info provided does not help much at all.

sseira Tue, 11/19/2002 - 05:51
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This is a 5.3(4)CSX.

I have already configured a syslog for the error messages.

How do I enable crashdump?

Thank you.

DALE FRANCIS Tue, 11/19/2002 - 06:04
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If memory serves me correct core-dumping is not supported in the version you are running... i also know the bug i mentioend earlier was related to the version of CatOS you are running.

Now it is proving whether is H/W or S/W, the best bet is place a console on the device and capture everything if possible, as if the switch does crash you will 99% chance not get the error in syslog..

a normal sh log should also give you the last crash reason on a per module basis..

The Bug i was refering too was

CSCdt75278 - The ws-x6248-RJ-45 stops forwarding traffic, the only way to fix it is to reset the blade. This happens sporadically in serveral switches

running the same code on sup1A-2GE. All the lights on the blade still show green. CDP traffic still working, both ends still have connection. No other symstom can be found except no traffic forward. This happen randomly throughout different slots and blades.

First found in 5.3(4) and fixed in 5.5(10) or later

The blades receive traffic, but do not transmit anything

DALE FRANCIS Tue, 11/19/2002 - 05:53
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I did some more searching there is bug CSCdt75278 which is due to OS bug, hence it would help if this info was posted, it will also give the Cisco guys something to go on.

sseira Tue, 11/19/2002 - 06:02
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Thank you,

I'll try to verify if this is the bug that is happening with this c6006.



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