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frame relay configuration how to

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Nov 25th, 2002
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Hi All,

We've just acquired a CISCO 1601 router . My problem is that I'm a little bit intimidated with IOS. I have some experience configuring a router but with another brand of router. Can anyone give some sample configuration of frame relay that I can work with?

By the way, this router will be communicating with another brand of router.


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jeffrey.zhou Mon, 11/25/2002 - 01:22
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interface se0

enc frame-relay

frame-relay lmi-type cisco/q933a/ansi

frame-relay inrerface-dlci xxx(DLCI number)


frame-relay map ip x.x.x.x(peer ip address) xxx(DLCI number) broadcast

jhunnex Mon, 11/25/2002 - 01:27
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thanks, but how about adding a default route? how do I add a default route?


thisisshanky Mon, 11/25/2002 - 07:26
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You should be using IETF encapsulation, rather than Cisco encapsulation for Frame relay. So your encapsulation command should appear as follows.

int s0

encapsulation frame-relay ietf

If you dont specify ietf keyword, encapsulation will default to Cisco, and hence the other brand router, wont be able to communicate with your cisco router.

jhunnex Wed, 11/27/2002 - 01:45
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this is what my serial0 looks like:

int se0

ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

encapsulation frame-relay ietf

frame-relay map ip 300 broadcast

frame-relay lmi-type ansi

but when check the status of my serial0 it says that,

Serial is up, line protocol is down .

Did I miss something that caused this message?

I've also run "show frame-relay pvc" it says

pvc status=deleted

so goes with "show frame-relay map"




michael-faust Wed, 11/27/2002 - 07:30
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Don't worry about PVCs until you get the line protocol up. The fact that line protocol is down means that your router is not talking properly to the frame relay switch. This is an LMI issue. Your router sends an LMI request to the switch and expects a response. The switch also expects to see the request. If the switch seees the requests in the time period allowed, it will connect the PVC through the network (the line must be up at both ends before the frame relay switches will enable the PVC). If the router sees the responses in the time period allowed, it will consider the line protocol 'up'. This is very high level and only intended to give you enough information to trouble shoot your problem. More information is widely available when you have the time. Check these things:

You have the LMI type set to ANSI. Wil the frame relay switch respond to ANSI type requests? Most frame relay switches can be configured for auto detection of LMI or they can be locked on a specific type. Check with your service providor or experiment.

You have allowed the LMI update timer to default. This means that requests are sent every 10 seconds. Most frame realy switches will, by default, expect to sees a request within a 15 second window (more often is OK). Check with your service providor to determine their setting.

Do multiple 'show interface s0' commands. Look for the fields indicating updates sent and received. Are they both incrementing in step. The numbers don't have to be the same, but the should increment 1 for 1. Ask your service providor to look at the switch port. Do they see the requests coming in? Are they responding?

Check these things and get back to us if you still need help. Good luck.


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