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Nov 25th, 2002
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I'm running a CCM 3.1(2a) . I've this peculiar problem of duplicated DNs whenever I turn autoregistration ON .

And the peculiar thing about it is that the duplicated DN is always the same i.e., 80082 ( DN ) .

This is aggravated by the fact that this DN - 80082 -- happens to be my reception phone's DN and hence causes havoc when duplication happens.

Deleting the phone taking the duplicate DN and assigning it a different DN solves the issue , but I'd like to use auto-registration since i'd need to add 400 + IP phones in the n/w soon.

Can anybody pls throw some light on this ?

Thanks & Regards,

Srivathsan A

Wipro Infotech

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Pabloduarte Tue, 11/26/2002 - 12:22
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Hello Srivanthsan A.

When using Auto registration you can set the Number range of DN to use for registration.

The Parameter to set in in the Systems Menu under Cisco Call Manager.

You can set a range that does not have the 80082 in it . For example starte from 80100 to 80600 for the 400+ Ip phone you are going to install.

you can also use other number range and then use BAT and Taps for registering all those phones to there respective DN's

Hope this helps


Manjunatha Jayaram Wed, 11/27/2002 - 19:27
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Hi Pablo,

Thanks for your response.

Going by what you suggest as a workaround , what about the other phones which are existant in the n/w and are using DNs from 80001 to 80099 .

When I use auto-registration and set the range as suggested , say , 80100 to 80600 , the 400 + IP phones that i'm gonna add new would get registered with DNs in this range..but what about the already existing phones .

Will they still register with the same DN that they have now ( 80001 to 80099 ) ??

Also , if anybody could throw some light on what could be the possible issue with regard to this duplicate DN it would be great .

Thanks & Regards,

Srivathsan A

Pabloduarte Fri, 11/29/2002 - 12:07
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Srivanthsan A

What I beleive is happening with the Duplicate DN is that you have a range of

DN's for auto register that is the same as your User DN's.

Auto register range of numbers should be different that the Regular DN's.

You will never get a Duplicate Autoregistar number but will get a Duplicate DN if one DN is from Autoregistar and the Duplicate is a regular DN.

I believe you are having this problem because you get the Autoregister DN and Just change the Calling Search Space and/Or Partition but no the DN.

So Auto-register program does not know that a Similar DN exists and Duplicates the DN.

Hope this helps


tringwelski_2 Mon, 12/02/2002 - 05:35
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I would suggest to auto-register to a temporary partition, then use BAT to move to the production partition, you can also use TAPS if you do not know who will be receiving each phone/dn.


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