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I'm currently writing an IVR Script, and I want to know if it is posible to change the Prompt audio format from CCITT u-law 8 KHz, 8Bit, Mono 7 kb/sec, to another format like GSM 6.10, and still be playable from the IVR.

Or if there are any cisco java classes that I could call from my IVR script to change the audio format of a file from GSM to CCITT u-law? Or a third party tool CLI that could do the trick that you recommend?

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anand.r Tue, 12/17/2002 - 11:12
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Adding to Jenny's question, Can i use PCM format instead of CCITT U-law ? cause when i convert my PCM files to CCITT U law the Voice quality gets poorer.

mweiner Tue, 12/17/2002 - 11:17
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I do not know if you can play gsm 6.10 from the IVR, but what is the extension of the gsm file type?

mweiner Fri, 12/27/2002 - 09:56
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You will need to save as ccitt-ulaw from a format that be recognized by the player (check into Sound Forge by Sonic Foundry). I would recommend that you record in 16 bit and save as the ccitt format (8k bandwidth, 8 bit mono). If you need fancy fades (music under voice) or other conversion services I can help you. other than thta go to mono and re-record as 16 bit, then down convert. You will lose some quality, but in a pinch if you cannot re-record, go analog.


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