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How to make Microsoft Outlook place call with Call Manager 3.2(2c)

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Feb 13th, 2003
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Hi everybody

I want to make possible from Microsoft Outlook place calls. We thought that was enough to install the Cisco TAPI on the pc, but it don't work.

Is there any manual or roadmap to install it.

Thanks in advance


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Setting up Outlook to Dial IP Phones

1) Download AV Cisco tsp from Cisco website.

2) Install TSP on local workstation

3) After installation go to control panel open Phone and Modem options

4) Click on advanced tab

5) Double click on CiscoTSP

6) Click on the User tab (Put in your username and password, this must match the username information that is entered callmanager for your ccmuser account. If this does not match this will not work)

7) Click on CTI Manager tab and put in ip address of publisher in Primary CTI Manager Location and the ip of subscriber in Backup CTI Manager Location.

8) Apply settings and close out of control panel.

9) Open Outlook click on contacts

10) Choose a contact with whom you want to call. Click on dial from the toolbar choose number (Business, home, mobile) Click on dial properties and choose the Cisco line.

11) If you do not see Cisco line,try restarting outlook. You should be able to scroll through the different types of lines.

12) Once you have chosen the Cisco line click ok.

13) Choose start call and you should be all set.

david.lawrence@... Mon, 02/17/2003 - 07:52
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Will this work with CCM 3.1.4b and OL2000? Which version of the TSP are you using, from CCM plugins or from CCO?

Tried to set this up but get the following error when click start call:

An internal error occured in the automatic phone dialer. Close the phone dialer dialogue box, then open it again.

TSP I'm using is 3.1(0.56)

Many thanks


MARIO PAIVA Mon, 02/17/2003 - 11:16
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I had the same problem.

It was solved like this:

1) place a Call in outlook

2) Go to dialing options

3) change the connect using line to H323

4) ok

5) Come back to step 3) and now you'll could change it to cisco line

6) ok, it is now working

This is strange, but it works.

Don't forget to follow the steps of mr Reilly too.

And cti enable use on users page and associate it too.

Hope it helps


brett.shaffer Mon, 02/17/2003 - 13:57
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Thanks guys - this works great. One questions I have is about the TSP - right now I load softphone to get the TSP, is there a way to just load the TSP file?

By the way I'm on 3.13(a) and it works so I asume anything new will also work.


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