vikrantarora Thu, 02/27/2003 - 12:05
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The doc u have refered is for Solaris-based Cisco Secure IDS Sensor . I have a ctalyst switch with cisco hardware ids physically installed and the only way i can get into it is via telnet/sessioning.

I am new to cisco and would appreciate an ealborate reply if any.

marcabal Thu, 02/27/2003 - 12:43
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  • Cisco Employee,

If you have only lost your password for the Application Partition then the recovery method is to boot into the Maintenance Partition and reload/re-image the Application Partition. This will re-image the harddrive and set the password back to the default. You then need to go back through intitial configuration and upgrades to get back to 3.0(5)Sx, and then push your configuration from the management box.

Refer to the User Guide on how to reload the Application Partition.


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