local host is not able to connect remote host

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Feb 28th, 2003
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We have a E1 link from Main office to our other branch. The link is getting terminated on Cisco 2610 router. We have defined secondary interface for another network on that router. We have one more 1750 router where again we have defined the secondary for that network.

Now the problem is, Main office LAN machine is not able to talk to remote Lan machine and vice versa. However, Local LAN can ping to both the router's ethernet interfaces as well as remote WAN IP addresses and vice versa.

We are using EIGRP on our network and have set variance option.

Kindly help us.


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Erick Bergquist Fri, 02/28/2003 - 21:44
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Check to make sure EIGRP is advertising the secondary networks and that they are showing up in the remote router routing table. By default EIGRP will auto-summarize routes which may be effecting you perhaps. You can do a 'no auto-summary' under the EIGRP process to stop this behavior (if you do this, do it everywhere).

When you say the Local LAN can ping remote router interface, is "Local LAN" a PC on the local LAN or from the router? If it's from the router are you doing an extended ping sourcing ping from the secondary IP address on LAN interface? Try a extended ping anyway to remote sourcing it from the secondary LAN.

Make sure PCs on LAN have their default gateway set correctly.

pragati Fri, 02/28/2003 - 22:19
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Thanks for your prompt reply. We have already set no auto-summary on all the routers.

My Main office router advertises a correct path and remote router also show a correct path.

Local LAN means a PC on a local LAN or even from router also I cannot access remote LAN.

When I do traceroute (either from a PC on local LAN or router), I am able to reach upto remore WAN IP but not the remote LAN PC. But it's note everytime.

Sometimes, I am able to ping/connect the remote PC and vice versa. Most of the times, I am not able to connect.

What could be wrong?


Erick Bergquist Fri, 02/28/2003 - 23:38
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is the router LAN interface connected into a switch or hub? what models? what speed / duplex?

How many devices are on this LAN segment? What sort of traffic?

Can you post a show interface from the router and switch?

pragati Sun, 03/02/2003 - 19:52
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One router's (Router A) LAN interface is on Switch (Cisco Catalyst) and the another's router's (Router B) LAN interface is on Hub. The same hub has the input from that witch only where the router A is connected.

The traffic from Main office to other offices is generally IP traffic and VoIP traffic.

Is it because one router is on switch and another on a hub??



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