Eigrp - routing table refresh?

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Mar 12th, 2003

Hi all

As anyone ever experienced a whole routing table refresh when just one route is unavailable. Eigrp neighbors are stable etc., and are not lost.

Thanks for any advice


I have this problem too.
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donewald Wed, 03/12/2003 - 05:17


I've not experienced this before. Are you saying that the entire EIGRP routing table is exchanged/updated and there is no neighbor loss or other topology change that you attribute this to? Can you share more information about your problem/question?

Thank you,


Eamon.Moran@Cwe... Wed, 03/12/2003 - 06:02

Yes, the entire routing table is exchanged/updated with no neighbor loss or change. This appears to happen when only 1 wan ip route is lost. This only appears to happen on the 4500 routers,. Other routers on the same lan do not experience this routing table update.

donewald Wed, 03/12/2003 - 06:11


The only EIGRP function that would do this is the SIA (Stuck in Active). This is where a route is lost from the topo table and goes into an Active State "show ip eigrp top active" waiting for a query to return. If this query does not return from a specified neighbor within the active time (default is 3 minutes) then the route is considered SIA (stuck in active) and is purged from the routing table and (here's the kicker) the neighbor that did not reply is reset. This neighbor reset will expunge and repopulate all routes within the topo table. If you have log adjacency changes in your config you should see this neighbor loss though.

Any of this help or point you in a direction to help?



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