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UNSUAL ERROR ON H323 GATEWAY URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 19th, 2003
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Hello all,

i am prasanth from Unity Cisco premiun certified partner INDIA,and now i am facing a prob in my H323 Gateway.I have a set of calls which fails with

"0:00 " Duration with "normal call clearing" Index. i have the "debug voip ccapi inout" of both a successful call and a failed call and the history of the failed call.I find the first revert in both the logs as after the call process and the time comes for a log for call connected.pls

Sucess Call :

00:51:11: sess_appl: ev(29=CC_EV_CONF_CREATE_DONE), cid(25), disp(0)



00:51:11: -cid2(26)st2(SSA_CS_CONFERENCING_ALERT)oldst2(SSA_CS_CALL_SETTING)

00:51:11: ssaConfCreateDoneAlert

00:51:11: cc_process_notify_bridge_done (event=0x81A359F0)

00:51:21: cc_api_call_connected(vdbPtr=0x81A5A258, callID=0x1A), prog_ind = 2cc_

api_call_connected: setting callEntry->connected to TRUE

Failed Call :

00:49:15: ssaConfCreateDoneAlert

00:49:15: sess_appl: ev(50=CC_EV_VOICE_MODE_DONE), cid(20), disp(0)





00:49:15: ssaIgnore cid(20), st(SSA_CS_CONFERENCED_ALERT),oldst(4), ev(50)

00:49:15: cc_process_notify_bridge_done (event=0x81A2DE50)

00:49:16: cc_api_supported_data data_mode=0x10002

00:49:16: cc_api_call_setup_ind (vdbPtr=0x818A17D0, callInfo={called=091425698656


ng_xlated=false,subscriber_type_str=Unknown,fdest=1,peer_tag=0, prog_ind=0},call


00:49:16: cc_api_call_setup_ind type 0 , prot 1

00:49:16: cc_api_call_setup_ind (vdbPtr=0x818A17D0, callInfo={called=091425698656

so after the notify bridge done the varient of the call processing comes here as "00:49:16: cc_api_supported_data data_mode=0x10002 " and the gateway starts the setup again

the history log of the failed call is as follows :

53D : 280552hs.9 +-1 +286 pid:6 Originate 091425698656

dur 00:00:00 tx:0/0 rx:0/0 10 (normal call clearing.)

Telephony 2/0 (10): tx:0/0/0ms None noise:0dBm acom:0dBm

53D : 280550hs.10 +-1 +289 pid:0 Answer 0163615

dur 00:00:00 tx:0/0 rx:0/0 10 (normal call clearing.)

IP rtt:0ms pl:0/0ms lost:0/0/0 delay:0/0/0ms g729r8

In the same gateway i am getting some good calls through too.

So any body pls help me to come out of this

Thanks & Regards


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ssoberlik Tue, 03/25/2003 - 13:35
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The cause of this could be the codec mismatch. Try adding a dial-peer with incoming call number to match on wildcard and set the codec to g729r8. This should be done on both the ends for incoming calls. This should help you solve the problem.


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