Call Manager Software Serial Number

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ksilva Thu, 04/03/2003 - 09:27
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The support contract is on the server not the Software I believe, the serial number from the server can be found in two places I think, first on the front of the server(physical tag), then next in the Compaq utilities..

3.3, is $200.00 charge, so I don't think you can down load it from CCO.

That makes alot of sense. I'll get the numbers off of our old MCS servers. As for the current installation of 3.2, we had purchased the servers ourselves (DL 380) and hence the serial number is for Compaq alone.

Where exactly would I look in the Compaq utilities? This is for our software support contract ... so I dont understand how the hardware serial number would help. Can you explain?



ksilva Thu, 04/03/2003 - 09:56
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I don't have allot of experience with dealing in the Service ordering, but I know that is what we have to collect to initiate the SmartNet on the CallManagers.

I have seen a utility for the DL servers, that kind of will gather system information, I pulled it down from Compaq, a while back.


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