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rme archiving query

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May 1st, 2003
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Ive run into a problem with RME 3.4 (win2k). We have about 90 switches and routers. If I try to compare the running & start up configs for all the devices I only get 10 listed. It is consistently the same devices. If I just try to compare the running vs startup config for any one of the other 80, I get this message. ”No configuration file found in the archive matching the search criteria”. I have removed any access lists for the ttys on the switches, they are running the same versions of firmware, the same community strings and have the same passwords. I have checked the archive status in rme administration and it says that 90 devices have their running & starting configs backed up successfully. If I list the successful devices then it lists all devices as being successfully backed up.

If I actually do a search for a switches ip address in c:\Program Files\CSCOpx\files\archive then I can find something. For one of the 10 devices that I can compare startup/running files for I get numerous files some end in dfr and some in cfg. I have also found the configs in a directory called shadow of the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cfg, but only for the 10 devices that I can compare start/running configs. For the other 80 devices there is only one file for each ending in cfg.

What am I doing wrong?


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Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 05/01/2003 - 10:02
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The shadow directory holds a copy of the latest archived configs. So this indicates that only 10 are archicing properly. Try an archive job on one of the 80 devices not listed to check if the config is archived.

Make a small change in the config as the configs are not actually archived if there is no change. They get retrieved from the device, but if there is no difference to the archived version..it is not archived

n.phipps Mon, 05/05/2003 - 05:29
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Ive tried this. I have taken 2 swiches, one that I can compare the start & run configs (c4_2) and one that I cant (c4_1). In each I have altered the running config motd but not saved the config to the start. I then update the archive for each switch (rme-> configuration management -> update archive). In both cases its is successful. I can then compare the start and run on c4_2 but I still cant compare start run on c4_1. The compare of the run vs start on c4_2 does highlight the differences (ie the motd ).

I feel that this may be a permissions problem, does anyone know what are the suggested writes for the causer account for the config archive?



n.phipps Fri, 06/20/2003 - 06:04
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In the end I deleted all the switches and then re-submitted them. It wasnt as painful as it sounds.



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