One Way Audio - CCM3.2 & Cat4224

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I have a problem with one way audio inbound when I call my legacy phone system from my IP Phone system. If I call the legacy phone systerm, I can not hear them; they can hear me. My IP phone system works fine with any other phone I've called; cell phones, another Cisco IP phone system, etc.

My Cisco IP Phone Setup:

CCM 3.2.2c spG

Cat4224 12.2(15)T1


FXO connected to analog phone line

FXS all 8 ports

T1 2/0 configured for fractional PRI slots 1-12 but not connected.

My Legacy Phone System

Fractional Sprint PRI slots 1-12

I also had the problem when I attempted to cutover to the IP phone system. When I called my own IP phone system using my IP phone system, I would also have the same one way audio problem. Granted, I would rarely call my own IP phone system using the outside number; would normally just dial the users extension and stay within the IP phone system.

So the problem occurs when I use my IP phone system with an analog line to call my legacy phone system on the PRI. And, the problem occurred with I used my IP phone system with the PRI to call back into my IP phone system on the same PRI.

I want to switch to the Cisco IP phone system, but I'm reluctant until I fix this anomaly in the IP phone system

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