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kthanuva Mon, 05/26/2003 - 05:56
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please let me know in which scenario you are to use multiple ip address(secondary)..



loyalty Mon, 05/26/2003 - 06:22
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This is for TLS connection to 2 remote sites using diffrent subnet, our setup is Hub and spoke. At Hub the link terminates on a Cat5500 Switch on a seperate Vlan and I have a Vlan interface configured for it on my RSM. What I intend to do is configure multiple Ip addresses on this Vlan interface for connnetivity to Switches at both Spoke Sites (I'm not using RSMs's at the Spoke Sites or Routers)

janis.yates Thu, 05/29/2003 - 10:58
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We use a seconday IP address on E0 so that 1 computer on our lan has a realworld IP address. I'm using an 827 with the 12.2(4)YA2 load.

interface Ethernet0

ip address secondary

ip address

I'm not 100% sure if a third or more IP's can be supported on 1 interface.

We do ours like this: Static IP for the router, and then I have a block of 4 routed to my static. Use on for the secondary E0 IP, and another for the comp itself and then just set the gateway of the comp to the secondary IP on the router.


thisisshanky Fri, 05/30/2003 - 12:29
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there is theoretically no limit to the number of secondary addresses you can configure.You can configure as many as u want.


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