827 w/PPPoE and NAT Virtual-Access selection

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May 31st, 2003
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I have an 827 connected to an ADSL line, with PPPoE and NAT. Up until about a month ago, it would connect and the Dialer1 interface would bind to Virtual-Access1. However, now it connects, and Dialer1 is bound to Vi2. Vi1 is still showing up. The ADSL connection is still working fine.

Does anyone know why this would switch to Vi2, or how the router determines which virtual-access to use? Also, is there a way to manually configure the Dialer1 interface to use Vi1? Thanks.

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tepatel Sat, 05/31/2003 - 11:25
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  • Cisco Employee,

Virtual-access as the virtual interface. Ideally vi2 will be clonned from dialer 1 only if vi1 is down/down and have some issue with it. We need to see the output of command

sh interface virtual-access 1

sh interface virtual-access 2

to comment on what is going on with it. Now if you see the vi-access 2 with vi-access 1 clonned from dialer 1 is also up/up iten its a problem.

dnagarajachary Sat, 05/31/2003 - 23:15
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Virtual-access 1 is meant for management purpose. It is used by the router. You cant do anything with that.

Also you cant select the dialer and the association of the virtual access interface. It is randomly selected by the IOS. Also if you delete a connection and again create a connection, the IOS may take the previous virtual access interrface or may take new virtual access interface. But virtual access 1 will not be associated to any dialer interface or virtual templates.


Ben.Levin Mon, 06/02/2003 - 07:07
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That's odd, because for a long time, vi1 was associated to the dialer interface.

Any thoughts on that? Thanks.

dnagarajachary Mon, 06/02/2003 - 10:18
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Yes, true.

Sometimes, even when you dont have any connections, virtual access interface will be present. Somewhre i had read, it will be for management purpose, but i couldnt get the link.

In my lab setup, whenever i create a pppoe connection, always 2 virtual access interfaces will be present when i give show ip int brief, but only one is associated, this happens even if i reload the router and start the connection afresh.

also if you have a connection and if you delete and create a new connection, the virtual access interface which was existed for the first connection, may not be removed. In this case, a new virtual access interface is created. You cant view the virtual access interfaces that are considered to be removed by giving show ip int brief or show interface virtual access interface.

But when you give the command, show idb, then the virtual access interfaces created will be shown. These interfaces will be removed only when the router is reloaded.

The virtual access interface cant be created or modified directly , it can be creaeted or configured dynamically with the configuration of Virtual template interface (also in some other cases like multilink ppp).



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