kthanuva Mon, 06/02/2003 - 04:23
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ip route A.B.C.D (destination network A.B.C.D (destination mask) router's interface/ip address (Forwarding router's address) administrative distance.(optional)



lgijssel Mon, 06/02/2003 - 04:51
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Are you feeling a bit lazy today?

It takes just as much time to check this out yourself as it takes to register for the forum and post a question.

As far as I'm concerned, questions that are so easy to look up as this one should not be asked in the forum.

Feel free to agree or not,but that is my opinion.


martinmclaughlin Mon, 06/02/2003 - 05:27
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did that but so much jargon on Cisco site, thought I might get a straight answer from people who work mustly with this kit, as I don't

Martin -

If you want to create a IP route on a cisco 1600 or any other cisco routers, all needs doing is this -

In config mode, i.e.

> router(config) ip route N.N.N.H MASK ADDRS NEXT HOP ADDRS

> now come out from config mode by using ctrl+z and issue a write memory

Hope this helps -

martinmclaughlin Mon, 06/02/2003 - 05:19
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No need to be flippant, I don't have the manual and I am a computer engineer not comms Ok.......

dnagarajachary Mon, 06/02/2003 - 05:39
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well, so much of discussions on this.

Ok, it is left to the people who ask the questions. if they feel, let them ask, and if somebody is interested to answer, let them answer.

well martin, for your question, the first reply gives the answer.

so cheers


thall71 Fri, 06/06/2003 - 10:50
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Just go right ahead asking questions. Everyone here started the

same way even though most won't admit it.

This forum should support everyone, not just be a place for ego reinforcement. I would like to have a transcript of the day all of us

were handed a router for the first time. Let's help out and stay humble,

the mark of a true professional.


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