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Jun 5th, 2003
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Dear All,

I hv following setup in my company.

6506---------------6506 2 nos. back to back


8 nos. 3508 connected to core.redundancy network.


the 3500 series for Accesses swith's.

my boss requirment is as follows;-

i hv configures 20 VLAN's in my network and assigne

static IP addresses to All users.

Now our Company HOD's r roaming around the


to give presentation or to attend the meetings with

there LAPTOP's.

So now requirmnet is my boss need Floating Ip

addresses for all HoD's. so if HoD go anyway where


the company everytime he can't change his IP

address.coz there LAPTOP's r configures in there

Respective VLAN's.

Can anyone give me suggestion..is it possible in

the setup.

please reply.

Thanks & Regards,


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mnaveen Thu, 06/05/2003 - 20:19
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The best way to tackle your roaming problem is to go for VMPS server and assign VLANs dynamically to the Laptops. Whichever switch port your boss connects to, based on his laptops' MAC address, he gets into the same VLAN and he can maintain his static address even while roaming. The VMPS is a database containing one-to-one mapping between Layer-2 MAC addresses and their authorized VLANs. But you should have a cat-5000 switch as a VMPS server.

Check out the following link


Keep us posted if this solves your problems.


[email protected]

ciscobuddy Thu, 06/05/2003 - 21:18
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hi naveen,

As i explain my setup also. i think i hv to change whole setup which i have configured at present. coz i have static ip address to all user's PC. and configured per port for there respective VLAN. I don't hv cat-5000 with me and we can't purchase. wht ever cisco devices i hv i hv to do in that only.

As i told u i hv 6505 2nos. CORE and 3508 for Distribution and 3512,3524,3548 for Accesses Switch's.

please give me suggestion.

Thanks & Regards,


9mmurphy Fri, 06/06/2003 - 07:05
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It sounds like you will need to deploy DHCP and configure your scope for each vlan such that you reserve the static ip address range and create a small pool of dynamic addresses for your roaming clients. The roaming clients would then be the only dynamic configurations on your network, both at their permanent location and roaming.

On a different approach, if your physical layout is such, that your roaming users go to specific offices at each location, you can just assign those ports in the specific office to one vlan that provides DHCP services. Again, the roaming users local vlan would need to be dynamic also.

One issue with the second option is that you would have a vlan that traverses your entire network, not a good practice in general. But, I have seen it done at many sites.


thall71 Fri, 06/06/2003 - 09:32
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I have an idea that might help you. What about wireless? Get your roaming

users wireless PCMCIA cards and place access points strategically in your

office. Now, connect the access point to a port in the VLAN you want to use.

You can trunk the wireless VLAN across all your switches. This fits a roaming

user perfectly and is simple to configure. Once your access points are installed, the VLANs stay the same. You can statically address the roaming users or use DHCP, it doesn't matter. Just a thought....


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