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Gilles Dufour Wed, 06/11/2003 - 07:38
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what kind of sticky rules ?

what type of content rules ?

What do you mean by confirm ?

What do you want to see or expect to see ?


msmoon Wed, 06/11/2003 - 15:48
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content WWW

add service test2 weight 1

add service test1 weight 2

balance weightedrr

vip address

advanced-balance sticky-srcip



By above rule, client contact test1 at first then next connection should be on test1.

But for some client loadbalanced by weightrr at every connection then what will be the problem, and how can I find out weightrr rule applied instead sticky-srcip rule?

Gilles Dufour Thu, 06/12/2003 - 00:49
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I forgot to ask what software version.

finally, the best way to troubleshoot this is a simultaneous sniffer trace front-end and back-end.

You could also capture a 'sho sticky-table' several times from the debug mode.

But the information there is based on a hash value.

So, you an't easily determine which entry you will hit.


msmoon Thu, 06/12/2003 - 01:02
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My device and software version are CSS 11506 and 7.1 B109s .

By the way, If I find an ip address which isn't applied sticky-srcip rule but load balanced, then What shall I do?

Frankly speaking, from server-side log I found an Ip address which isn't loadbalanced applied sticky-srcip rule but loadbalanced.

, then what are the datas I should take to open case ?

Gilles Dufour Fri, 06/13/2003 - 02:40
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the sniffer trace, the config and the 'sho sticky-table'.

A 'flow active' from debug mode should also be usefull.

This information should be captured at the time of the problem.



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