Load Balanced T1's and VPN Client

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I have a user on our cuustomers network that is using the Cisco vpn client to connect back to our headquarters. Everything has been working fine but now the customer has switched to a load balanced connection to the internet (two T1's) I am not sure at this point how they are doing it but now our client ipsec connections drop about twice a day.

We do have ipsec keep alives configured. Any idea's as to what could be causing this or how I can determine it. I don't want to approach our customer till I have some idea's.


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On the basis of the information provided, I would suggest that the cause of the tunnel being broken is at your client's side of things.

You're going to need to know how they have setup the load balancing to see if there is any workaraound. They have changed things, so surely they have to let you in on their secret ingredient!




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