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Wrapup Codes for Outbound calls in CTIOSAgentDesktop - Possible?????

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I got a client that would like to enter wrapup codes for outbound calls. The agents use CTIOSAgentDesktop 4.6.2. ICM can provision wrapup codes for inbound calls only in the Enterprise Agent Desktop settings. Is it possible to configure selection of wrapup codes for outbound calls in ICM config? If not, then I would need to hack the CTIOS Agent Desktop code to provide this functionality. Does Cisco provide the VB code for the CTIOSAgentDeskop?

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Cisco provide the code of he CTIOS Agent/Supervisor Desktop, it is on the CTIOS install-cd.

I saw into the documentation on CTIOS 5.0 that there is a option for inserting Outbound Wrapup codes into the registry, but you have no option in ICM Configuration Manager to set a variable that the agents are required to enter a variable for outbound calls, only for inbound is supported.

So there is no window which pop up for entering the codes.

The TAC engineer told that outbound wrap up codes are not supported. Do you have a solution for that problem?

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Well, the outbound wrapup codes are not supported. The only thing that can be done is since the code is open source, you could create your own command to wrapup whenever a outbound call disconnects. So, first you will need to detect if the call is outbound, then before the disconnect, trigger the wrapup mode. Then build and display your own wrapup box. Without customization that cannot be done. I haven't done it myself but if you have other questions, just let me know.


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