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I have two skills created: English and French

I am wondering whether I can just use one queue to assign both skills in there. If it can, when select resource, since I only have one queue,how the script know that it should route the call to french skill agents or English skill agents?

I am sure there'll be no problem if I create two queues and assign two skills individually.

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Yes, you can assign more than one skill to a CSQ. If you go to Subsystems > ICD > Contact Service Queue, pick/add your CSQ, then make it based on Resource Skills, then hit Next. Once you do that, you will have the ability to add more than one skill group in there.

Note the wording is minimum competence level when you add the skill group in there.

As far as how the script will know, basically it won't so in your example of French and English, it wouldn't work very well. I would suggest two CSQ's and then just set the skills up as you would normally.



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