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Problems when installing Callmanager 3.3.2 Subscriber

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Jul 14th, 2003
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I´m having problems when installing a Callmanager Subscriber Ver. 3.3(2).

The installation is aborted in the stage of DC Directory installation. In the installation log file I can find the following entries:


Failed to open the registry key

Error: [0x000000002] [The system can not find the file specified]

The Publisher is running the latest Version 3.3.3 and I´m trying to add simply a new subscriber

Has anybody any idea?

thanks in advance


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What server/computer are you using?

I have a similar problem with 3.3.2, registry keys, and the DC Directory. I have 2 MCS7815 servers. The Publisher installed 3.3.2 fine and is running fine. I have had all sorts of problems with the Subscriber. Yesterday, the Call Manager crashed and I tried a complete reload of the 7815 from the OS up. The OS install did not install the registry keys indicating that the server was a Cisco Telephony server and you were eligible to install Call Manager. I manually input what I thought were the correct registry keys from the Publisher registry. Now when you attempt to install the Call Manager, the installation process aborts on the DC Directory install saying the installation process can not run the DC Directory setup program. I checked and the DC Directory setup program is installed on the server. I didn't check the Event Log to see if I have a similar event.

I'll update this thread when I solve my problem.

jamann Mon, 07/14/2003 - 23:40
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We had a similar problem last week and found out 2 things:

1.) don´t put the machine into a domain during installation. You can join domain after sucessful


2.) don´t use administrator passwords with special

characters (eg. #%). I used "cisco" and changed it after the installation.


Joerg Amann

rvincent Tue, 07/22/2003 - 08:20
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I'm having the same problem trying to install a subscriber 3.3.2.

Did you ever find out the problem?



Just got back from re-installing the subscriber. Went pretty smoothly. Used the workgroup option and then upgraded the CCM subscriber to a domain member after CallManager installed. The Telephony Call Dispatcher service did not automatically start and I had to manually start it.

The subscriber CCM is up and working fine.

8r-schumann Tue, 08/26/2003 - 06:21
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You can't install a 3.3(2) subscriber to a 3.3(3) publisher due to the DC directory version difference. The best way to install a new subscriber is to order the 3.3(3) CD's which started shipping last Thursday.


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