mhoda Mon, 07/21/2003 - 08:12
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Hello Michal,

To the best of my knowledge, yes, it is. Thanks,


mdubec Tue, 07/22/2003 - 03:45
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But how can I test it. Because I tried the old "IIS DOT DOT EXECUTE Attack" to PC with personal firewall and this attack was denied by the firewall but the security monitor displayed the alarm.


Michal Dubec

stusimur Tue, 07/22/2003 - 08:21
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CTR isn't implemented in VMS 2.2. (In the next release of VMS)

Please, read discussion Network Management for IDS & Firewalls with Nadeem Khawaja


mdubec Tue, 07/22/2003 - 22:35
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Si mi to mohl napsat klidne cesky :)


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