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CCM 3.2.2c(spg) and IPCC Express MTP Problem

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Good day;

We are running CCM 3.2.2(spg) and IPCC Express / CRS 3.02

All is well, agents are working today in the office with standard phones, desktop agents, ip phone agents as well.

I'm attempting to setup an agent for home use, however i'm hitting a roadblock. Is there a document that shows how to setup an MTP agent? I have installed the desktop software wtih MTP, added a user, and a CTI Port, assigned the cti port to the user and the RM user (also tried without the RM user) but when we attempt login, it pauses for about 30 second and then gives the common "Ether your phone or call manager is offline, a critical error has occurred"

It looks like it's trying, but it's not getting somewhere.

Do I have the process correct for setup?


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The computer now auto registers as stated in this document


I am getting further, I not get "UNABLE TO LOG AGENT IN"

In the agent log file on the client I can see the following process

Open CTI server confirmed

device monitor confirmed

trying to create session with ICD server

New session to icd server confirmed


Agent State Login Request Failed: unable to log agent in

And then all the shutdown's as it gives up on me.



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