Simple explanation of subnetting and masking?

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konigl Wed, 08/13/2003 - 08:38

Not sure if you've seen this one, but there's a pretty popular document floating around the Internet called "Understanding IP Addressing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know". It was written by Chuck Semeria of 3Com back in 1996. Was originally available as three PDF files, here's some links to copies of the original:

If you do a search for the terms "everything chuck semeria" without the quotes, you'll find a number of sites with either the HTML version or the PDFs.

It is interesting to note that 3Com's site has a sanitized version, with their newer ringed logo on it AND NO CREDIT TO THE AUTHOR of this classic. Granted, he wrote as an employee of theirs, so they're probably entitled to keep his work as their own. But to not credit him after having his name on the original document for so long, well, that's just wrong. Like so many other things about 3Com... (don't get me started!) Probably a sign that he no longer works for them...


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