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Preventing Phones Off Hook From Receiving Execute Command

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Aug 18th, 2003
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I am currently attempting to enhance a broadcasting/paging service and was looking for a way to prevent phones which are currently on a call from receiving the broadcast.

The easiest way that I can see doing this is by retrieving the "off-hook" status of a given phone and filter the phones that way. AXL seems like it might be able to pull this information, but I haven't been able to track down any documentation for it.

If anyone could point me to where I can find documentation for AXL or has any ideas on other ways to prevent phones from receiving an execute command while on a call, I would greatly appreciate it.

- Harrison

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ipitts Mon, 08/18/2003 - 13:42
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The challenge that you will have with AXL is that CM only supports a status poll once an hour. So as you can imagine this is not a practical interface to use. Your best bet is to use TAPI and monitor the “off hook” status for phones.


mberkeland Mon, 08/18/2003 - 13:58
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A "simple" way of doing this, without using TAPI/JTAPI, is to look at the phone's internal "webpage"... for instance, if the IP address of the phone is x.x.x.x, you can go to:


This will return an XML page that has the tag in it... if it is "Not Ready", then the phone is not in a call... if it is "Active", the phone is in a call.

hspain Tue, 08/19/2003 - 09:09
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The StreamingStatistics did the trick alright. Much appreciated. There are some inconsistencies with returning the RowStatus value at every query, but overall, this solution satisfies my needs.

gaimoz Sun, 05/30/2004 - 05:26
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Forget it, I found by myself.

Thanks anyway.



kamehmood Tue, 02/14/2006 - 13:15
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I have to send multicast stream to X number of phones (X varies by location) from any phone in those locations with condition that only idle ones get the page.

How can I get (active / not active)status on group of phones other than by their individual IP addresses (which can change) or is there a way to implement http://x.x.x.x/StreamingStatisticsX?1 with x.x.x.x as a multicast address.

Your help is much appreciated.


stephan.steiner Wed, 02/15/2006 - 00:51
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>How can I get (active / not active)status on group of phones other than by their individual IP addresses

Well, the whole status thing really screams for CTI.. keeping track of activity really is a CTI job to begin with, so in a callmanager environment that means (J)TAPI. TAPI imho is real ugly (plain C) and more suited for first party call control (meaning something running on a end user machine), whereas JTAPI does both first party and third party control (but imho is more suited for third party control.. so an app that tracks a bunch of phones from a central location). You'd have to query routers for IGMP membership to get a list of who's participating in the multicast group you are interested in, then get the statistics for each phone involved (that is if you want to do the "traditional" solution). If you need the whole multicast group thing, there's no way around lookup up members of the group. And you can resolve phone names to IP addresses via the devicelistx.asp report. Or you go JTAPI, keep track of your phones, and when the time comes to send messages, you find your phones (called Terminals in JTAPI), then get the lines on the phones (Addresses), and on each CiscoAddress you look up the number of active calls and calls on hold.. Or you can track a phone's off hook state by monitoring CallEv's.


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