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Cisco 1760 with IOS 12.2(15)ZJ1 and MGCP

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Aug 19th, 2003
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I'm planning to use that IOS software in order to have

SRST 3.0 support. I would be using MGCP and changing to H.323 when the connection to CCM is lost.

The problem is that when configuring MGCP I can't find the command in order to configure my backup CCM. Is there a way to do that in this release? or what do I need to do in order to have the MGCP gateway pointing to both CCM at my cluster.



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jdiegmueller Fri, 08/22/2003 - 19:33
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While I'm not addressing your actual question, I am addressing the results you're looking for:

Let CallManager configure your IOS gateway:

ccm-manager config server x.x.x.x [your tftp server]

ccm-manager config

It will handle the rest. There are a few debugs if you need to see what is going on or troubleshoot, all under "debug ccm-manager config" (events, xml, etc). Call Agents (CCMs) will be configured based on the Device Pool the Gateway is in, just like your IP Phones.

Good luck.

jmujica Sat, 08/23/2003 - 06:45
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That sounds good.. and I also know that with the

ccm-manager redundant-host x.x.x.x I can add the backup CallManager as well but the main problem is that the

"ccm-manager" command is not available in the router. I'm running 12.2(15)ZJ1 because it will have the latest code on SRST v3.0x and it seems that the CCM-Manager is not available on that IOS version. So what I can do in order to have the MGCP Gateway configured to use my redundant CCM Cluster. Probably I will need to use H.323 instead of MGCP.

Any ideas?



jdiegmueller Sat, 08/23/2003 - 10:04
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CCM/MGCP control of 1760s was not made available until 12.3(2)T just a few weeks ago. It's probably in some other 1700-specific BU specials but I would have to recommend you review Feature Navigator for that.

I'm CCM/MGCP-controlling a c1760 here in my home lab right now using 12.3(2)T and CCM 3.3(3) so I can assure you the support is there.

Good luck.

jmujica Sat, 08/23/2003 - 18:41
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Are you using SRST 3.0 on that same router with

12.3(2)T or are you using just CCM/MGCP-Controlling??

What I need is CCM/MGCP-Controlling with SRST 3.0

within the Cisco 1760 Router..



thusain Sun, 08/24/2003 - 10:40
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SRST 3.0 is not in 12.3.2T yet. You will have to wait for the second release of T train on CCO for that. If you can use SRST 2.1 then you can go to 12.2.13ZH or 12.3.2T which has the ccm-manager commands.


thisisshanky Fri, 08/22/2003 - 23:31
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The command to configure backup CCM is,

ccm-manager mgcp

ccm-manager redundant-host

ccm-manager switch-back {graceful|immediate|..}

Hope that helps!


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