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Monitoring router reloads due to crash

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Sep 3rd, 2003
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Hi ,

I'm looking for a way to detect router reloads due to software crash. One way of doing it is to have a script that connect on to the routers, issue a "sh ver" and lookup the

"System returned to ROM by <reason>". <reason> being the action that triggered the reload.

I also found a "whyReload" object in the OLD-CISCO-SYS MIBs which is a string variable that contains the reason why the router was restarted. In all the routers I have this object is set to "reload". I'm wondering what are the orther values that this object can have , especially in case of crash.

Anyone with some experience with this MIB , or idea suggestions on how to track this type of event ?


Correct Answer by rmushtaq about 13 years 11 months ago

Table 48: Deprecated and Replacement MIBs:


Isnt any replacement for whyReload so, you can use it for now.

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rmushtaq Thu, 09/04/2003 - 16:18
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Other values for this obeject include power-on, reload. I believe that for crashes, it would show somwthing like whyReload=bus error at PC 0x60F416B8.... etc. But do note that this object is deprecated.

jderrien Thu, 09/04/2003 - 23:25
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Thanks for the information. Do you mean that you do not recommend to monitor this object because the MIB is or will not be suported anymore ? Are you aware of equivalent object available on more recent/supported MIB ?



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