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MWI Problems

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Sep 15th, 2003
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Here is the scenario:

CCM 3.3.3

Unity 4.02

Exchange 2000 on Unity Server

TSP 7.02

MWI lamps are never lit on IP phones. I can dial the MWIs to turn the lamps on manually. If I put a phone in the same CSS as the VM ports and MWIs, I can call the IP phones. Status Monitor shows Dialing MWI 'dn' repeatedly. The application log show


Event ID: 526

Thread 0x0000084C had a Failure on Port 32 in Method CAvTSPAbstraction::Selsius_SetMWI()

DESCRIPTION: HardFailure from lineDevSpecific

DETAILS: DestAddress:1000



ErrorCode: 0x80000048


Any ideas??

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You didn't mention how you have the partition setup. You might check to see if the MWI DN's partition is setup the same as the phones. I'm not sure if this is required (its how I have mine setup) but you could do a test to see. Also in Unity be sure on the subscriber>>>Messages>>>MWI, that USE MWI for messages notification is checked. And just below that under the field MWI Extension that extension reads X.

Good luck.


eric.burgy Tue, 09/16/2003 - 12:01
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I have the MWI DNs in the SystemPart. The phones are in a different partition. This has worked in the past as long as the partitions can call each other. The Unity subscriber is set to notify via MWI and I have verified (3 times) that the CCM and Unity on/off numbers match.



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