IP Services On 7940 Phones

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Oct 8th, 2003
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I have configured certain default IP Phone services like calender,Stocks etc on my Call Manager, My users have 7940 IP Phones, But i am observing a strange problem, These services work on some phones very well, while they dont get any results on others,

Any suggestions ....


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Are your phones going through a Proxy Server? If so this may be the problem. I have seen proxy servers get hit very very hard with IP phones trying to get to web sites. If this is the case bypass the Proxy for the phones.

If you aren't using a Proxy server check your IP Phone Services Entry. DId you use IP addresses or DNS names? If names which DNS server are the phones using? Is the DNS hostname able to be resolved properly by that DNS Server?


mshekhawat Thu, 10/09/2003 - 21:00
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Hi Mike,

All IP phones are behind the same network, and not using any proxy servers, Yes i am using DNS for resolving,and the hostnames are getting resolved properly, But am not able to understand why only on few phones these dont work ?



christopher.l.l... Fri, 10/10/2003 - 06:25
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You might try sniffing the network packets and see what's really happening. For example, you can verify if the dns lookup is failing or if an http error is being returned from the server. On the phone loads I've used you can simply fire up a sniffer on the attached PC and see all of the phone traffic. A good free sniffer can be found at www.ethereal.com.


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