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HSRP between routers at two separate data centersrunning BGP

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Oct 14th, 2003
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Scenario: Two 3640's at two geographically separated Data Centers connected to two sepatare ISP's running eBGP. iBGP is run between the 3640's ands (7206's) fully meshed.Can HSRP be run between the two 7206's via serial connection?



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daharris Tue, 10/14/2003 - 07:28
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One 7206 is in Il. The other is in FL.

They are connected to the Frame relay cloud vis DS3's.

mschooley Tue, 10/14/2003 - 09:54
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so there are 2 sites, each has a 7206 and a 3640, with the 3640's connecting to the internet and you want to run hsrp between the 2 7206's. Is this correct? If so, don't understand why you would want to run hsrp, hsrp is for the default gateway of users on your lan, are your users at each site somehow on the same subnet? If redundancy is needed, won't an igp work?

Georg Pauwen Tue, 10/14/2003 - 10:54
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Hi Dave,

I agree with Schooley, HSRP would not make sense in this case, because if the serial line went down, there would be no other path for the LAN users to get to the other redundant router anyway. What are you trying to accomplish ? HSRP would be an option between the 3640 and the 7206 at each site.



jdiegmueller Tue, 10/14/2003 - 13:48
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Dave, what are you attempting to achieve? HSRP is a LAN-based protocol used to ensure "dumb" clients (which typically have only a default route) can still get off of their local LAN in the event of a router failure.

For example, in a typical environment if a 7206 with a FastEthernet is the default route for a PC, and that 7206 dies, all traffic will be blackholed. If there is a second 7206 on that LAN, it could step in and "masquarede" as the first 7206 to ensure traffic doesn't get blackholed. But of course, traffic would only be able to get where the new 7206 could get (subject to that 7206's routing table).

What are you trying to do?

Remember BGP (eBGP or iBGP) simply uses TCP, so as long as there is working, two-way routing between two BGP peers the session will stay active (subject to max TTL, in eBGP). You don't need HSRP in a scenario like that.

Long story short, what are you trying to achieve?

daharris Wed, 10/15/2003 - 05:30
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Thanks for all your input. After your responses and reading some more of the BGP doc, I now know the appropriate means of working around the isssue at hand.

Thanks to all.


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