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where are ip addresses of ip phones stored in the sql-db on the ccm?

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Oct 21st, 2003
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does anybody know where the ip addresses of the registered ip phones are stored in the sql-db on the callmanager? i did not found them yet!

thx jochen

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aaronw.ca Tue, 10/21/2003 - 06:32
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I'm not sure if they're stored in the SQL Server or some other repository (Access, LDAP, etc).

I would suggest going through the DeviceListX functionality though, since that's a more standard way of accessing this information. Would this work for your needs? It should contain a list of the registered (phone) devices with device names, IP addresses, etc... see the IPPS SDK for more info on this...

jrachut Wed, 10/22/2003 - 23:38
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i heard of the ccm 3.3(3) devicelistx-function! but my problem is, that we use ccm 3.3(2), because we have to test different things for our customers which also use 3.3(2)! we want to upgrade to 3.3(3) soon, but my prob is, that i have to accomplish a bachelor-project, which terminats at the end of this month! for this project i need a workaround for the presentation of the results! ok, i could create a customized sql-table where i store manually all the devices with static ip addresses...but is there no way to get the ip's anymore??? i have the mac and the dn, could i do an arp in anyway?

thx jochen

msabir Mon, 11/10/2003 - 08:01
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I am able to use DeviceListX is CM3.3(2) by copying and pasting DeviceListX.asp file to the right folder.

hobbes Wed, 11/12/2003 - 08:19
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I'm working with CallManager 3.3(2) as well. Is there an easier way to get the IP address of a phone by the directory number in JTAPI?

If not, where can I get the file DeviceListX.asp?

mbarbero Wed, 10/29/2003 - 18:10
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hi, i'm already using DeviceListX, but i'm interessed in your case, you are supposed to push Caller ID Name (from sql query) to the phone right?

How are you getting the caller id value? from some app running on the phone?

jrachut Fri, 10/31/2003 - 06:00
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i use the jtapi interface with a callobserver. there are a view scripts posted in this forum, just search them!

my trial to query directly the sql was not succesful. for my project i did a work-around:

i have a c#-script which scrapes the ip phone static html pages (f.e. "http://IP-Of-The-Phone/NetworkConfig/") and save the content (ip-address, mac,...) in an external sql-db. this way is not very performant and it's circumstantial, but for my purpose it works!

i'm still waiting for the devicelistx-function in 3.3(3), i think this way is the best!


mbarbero Tue, 11/04/2003 - 13:01
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I'm develloping an IP Phone Service to show on the phone screen the Company name, Company ERP Code, and other infomations i get from SQL at my ERP Database.

To push this application i'm using the Callerinfo service that comes in Cisco SDK as base.

But, this is an JSP page that needs to run in a Tomcat server.

I install the Tomcat, but i'm having problems to make it works properly, can you help with this?? thanks.

jrachut Mon, 11/10/2003 - 06:52
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sorry, i did nothing with tomcat and jsp! i accomplished my thinks with asp and iis!



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